About Us

In 2011, two friends decided that there was still much to be desired on the Internet market, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Since then, the whole team here at Elephate has been dedicated to improving the Internet experience. Four years later, our skills combined with the experience we’ve acquired and our passion for our work allow us to offer high-class comprehensive services to our clients regardless of the issue they’re dealing with. Each one of us brings our respective uniquely adjusted skills to the table, and the result is a holistic package of SEO and Content Marketing services, tailored to each of our customer’s individual needs. We’re happy to have had the opportunity to work with renowned international corporations and small local companies alike. We invite you to take a look at some of our recent work and encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have regarding it. We look forward to hearing from you! Best regards, The Elephate Team

Our Team

Bartosz Góralewicz

SEO Expert, co-founder

Bartosz specializes in in-depth link analyses and link-building campaigns for customers afflicted with Google penalties. He has also conducted numerous widely discussed case studies regarding the penalization of various corporations. Apart from enjoying a career in SEO, his biggest passions are reef aquariums and spending time with his family.

Wojtek Mazur

Head of Content Marketing, co-founder

Wojtek’s focus is directed towards Content Marketing and Online PR. Wojtek is also endlessly discovering new strategies for Link Building and Link Acquisition. Outside of the Internet realm, his other passions include photography, coral reefs, diving and other sports.

Łukasz Kalus

SEO Consultant

Łukasz specializes in Google penalty recovery, Link Audits and Removal Campaigns. He would best be described as a spammy link hunter and there are not enough spammy links in all of existence to deter his quest, nor does he rest till he has vanquished and banished them all. He is constantly searching for modern SEO tools that makes work easier and more effective. Łukasz is a big fan of extreme sports and multiplayer games.

Kamila Spodymek

SEO Consultant

Kamila’s work centres around on-page audits. She investigates sites’ structure both in detail and from a bird’s eye view. Data analysis is one of her main interests, yet she also analyzes server logs to have a complete picture of sites’ condition. Her goal is to emphasize the value of websites both for the user and GoogleBot. As for leisure activities, Kamila is a frequent traveller who takes every opportunity to admire nature and taste local cuisine.

Maria Cieślak

SEO Consultant

Maria specializes in on-page SEO. Her primary goal is to improve website structures and internal linking. She does her best to make site navigation as easy as possible both for users and robots. Maria is interested in analyzing data, so she always makes the most of the data from Google Analytics. When she is not busy preparing on-page audits, she loves spending her time actively. She is relaxed when she goes running or skiing in the mountains.


Wojciech Murawski

SEO Specialist

Wojtek deals with on-page SEO. He aims at improving clients’ positions in search engine rankings, which mainly involves focusing on technical and structural aspects of a website – both for users and crawlers. During his work, he pays special attention to improvement of the pages’ load time. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and listening to his favorite music. Besides, each weekend he watches English Premier League football matches.

Przemysław Pałyga

Junior SEO Specialist

Przemek works with on-page SEO on a daily basis. He constantly tries to get the most out of the data from multiple sources, before using the findings to create recommendations that boost our clients’ online visibility. Przemek aims to make websites as clear as possible for both users and bots. During SEO audits, he looks into both the global structure and technical details. In his spare time, he enjoys watching TV series, reading novels and baking.

Daniel Nowak

Junior Off-Page Specialist

As the youngest member of our off-page team, Daniel carries out link audits where he’s hunting for any discrepancies. In his spare time he deals with front-end development and programming. Outside of the Internet he’s torturing himself watching Polish football, outside football he loves drumming.

Content Marketing

Piotr Mikulski

Content Marketing Specialist

Piotr deals mainly with Content Strategy and research, but also content idea creation and Link Building. He’s a very social person, so after work he spends time with his friends doing various activities. Besides, Piotr likes hiking or reading science (especially biology and paleontology) books and blogs.

Hanna Sobolewska

Outreach and Content Specialist

Hania focuses mainly on content marketing campaigns, which involves finding relevant platforms from a given niche and reaching out to the people behind them. She is always on the lookout for new link building opportunities. When she is not busy in the virtual world, she catches up on reading English-language literature. Also, she is really hooked on fitness, world music and dance.

Jan Stulin

Content Specialist

When you need a text that smoothly flows from word to word, who are you gonna call? Copywriters! Or, to be more precise – Jan. His head is full of great content ideas and he’s constantly on research mode. Apart from that, he’s a huge music-head and he will never say no to a board game night.

Alicja Turczyniewicz

Alicja Turczyniewicz

Content Marketing Specialist

Alicja focuses mainly on Content Marketing, especially content strategy and optimization. She has some qualities of a good psychologist, which helps her with outreach and Link Building. Ala knows that if you want to be a good copywriter, you must read a lot of books, so she is always keen on reading. Besides, she is interested in design, branding and PR.

Agnieszka Tokarska

Junior Content Specialist

Agnieszka tries to explore content marketing dealing with optimization and link building. She knows that “content is king” and good research is the basis. After work she loves to dance, both as a learner and teacher of oriental dance. She also likes music, books and making henna tattoos.

Richard Van de Langenberg

Junior Content Specialist

Richard is mainly focused on Content Marketing within Elephate. He is constantly looking for new content that could fit his client(s) platform. Richard finished a bachelor in Communication and is currently in the last year of his Master: Image Communication. Besides that he likes to work out, go for a long run and he is interested in diets and nutrition.