Link Audits

Eliminate anything that may put your site's position at risk.

It is a common misconception that link audits need to be done once Google has already penalized you. Here at Elephate we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is not to say that “curing” a site afflicted by some sort of penalty is pointless—every problem can be solved.

There is a part of our offer specifically directed at those who have incurred the wrath of Google. However adorable penguins can be, we know too well this is not the case with Google PenguinObviously it’s better not to get its penalty at all, but since it can happen also to you, you may wish to have a closer look at what we offer to help you out of this uncomfortable situation.

The same goes for manual penaltieslifting them is tons of hard work, and the person reviewing your tear-stained accounts of how you tried to get rid of all the bad links leading to your site might not be moved the first time around, either. Or the second.

That’s whylet us do the heavy lifting, using all of the knowledge, experience and tools at our disposal designed specifically for this purpose.

Our link audits include everything you need, from a full backlink profile analysis to the removal of links harmful to your site. Also, after doing thorough research, we’ll let you know exactly what you should do in the future to keep things moving forward optimally.

Google has become very strict over the years, and it’s always better to stay in its good books. The link audits we offer to site owners who have not been penalized are the perfect way for you to avoid google penalties. The audits we offer allow us to assess potential dangers and eliminate threats before they become too serious and harmful for your site.

If you suspect you might have been penalized, or just want to make sure that it will never happen, contact us to find out what you you can do.

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