On-Page Optimization Audits

Have your site achieve its full potential.

We won’t lie to you—Google’s algorithms are top secret. But that doesn’t mean that what makes Google tick cannot be successfully deduced by meticulously observing what goes on in the Internet universe, and that’s the part you should leave to us. Rarely are sites maximally optimized right from the beginning of their existencemost need a fair bit of polishing to be all they can be.

During an on-page optimization audit we look into all of the seemingly minor details that could have been missed when your site was created, and which might be hindering your progress climbing up the Google ladder. These include basic things such as improperly constructed or nonexistent meta tags/descriptions, misleading headers, broken links, HTML code errors, duplicate content and server response code errors, as well as all of the potentially more complex issues that are keeping you from getting the traffic you deserve. Having optimized keywords also results in a significant increase the number of visits, so we will do all the research necessary to make sure your keywords are perfectly matched to your site content and bring in as many visitors as possible.

Our actions will bring about many positive results, but first and foremost, they will upgrade the framework of your site, which will be getting lots of new traffic. That in turn will result in Google rewarding you by bringing you up towards that magical peak every website dreams of reaching.

Let us help you get there!