How To Get Your Content Amplified By Influencers

With content marketing constantly evolving, a piece of content would not achieve its desired effect when it’s not out there in front of the right audience. This is where influencers come into the fray – helping to amplify your content in a way that it reaches their massive audience, out of the scope of your own following. This post explores unique ways to build relationships with these top players and eventually get them to massively push your pieces of content to larger audiences, plus its corresponding benefits.

Do you have problems getting the desired reach for your pieces of content?

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11 Best Browser Extensions for Content Marketers

Would you rather spend hours on end on end on your content marketing efforts or achieve an even greater amount of success within a shorter time span? Your guess is as good as mine! A content marketer is saddled with the herculean task of perusing the web daily, but these tasks don’t need to be herculean at all. This piece will show you how to arm your browser with extensions and plug-ins that will save you time, increase your productivity and above all, make your content marketing efforts a jolly ride.

Fancy increased productivity, less time and more ease for your content marketing efforts?

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How to Create the Right Link Building Strategy

Have you read thousands of articles about link building strategies, yet still feel you’re lacking something? This article is guaranteed to satisfy your curiosity and show you how to optimize your link building strategy for totally different platforms, like blogs, eCommerce stores, small/medium/large companies or even corporations.

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I scan industry press daily and it’s rare to find an article as spot on as this one.


Kevin Carney

Author, Zippe

Be Brave or Die Waiting: Introducing the Orca Technique

For 2 years, Penguin was released quite regularly. The SEO community and webmasters got used to that.

But now this: 300 Penguin-free days and counting…

All of us SEOs are biting our nails anxiously, watching the hours go by. Not to mention the thousands of websites underwater, slowly losing hope that they will ever recover.

If Google has changed its strategy, so must we.

Take a look at this great Penguin recovery technique by our proud LRT Certified Xpert, Bartosz Góralewicz here:

Bartosz Góralewicz (…) shows and tells everything, and you should not miss this.

Christopher Cemper

CEO, Link ResearchTools

How to Evaluate Your Recent Link Building Efforts

Site owners and SEO specialists are all holding their breath and waiting for the next Penguin. The only right way to avoid its wrath Penguin and consequences is to have good quality links. In this article, you’ll find out how to evaluate new links as well as track all of your recent link building efforts, thanks to these easy ways to look at 100% of all fresh backlinks each month.

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Use ScrapeBox to Optimize your SEO workflow

ScrapeBox used to be associate with black hat, and black hat alone. Not anymore! Meet the the bright white side of ScrapeBox and discover how this tool can help you with link audits. Speed up link processing with this cheap and easy tool!

Check our incredible method out here:

Going crazy is all too common among us SEOs. Thankfully, tools like ScrapeBox help us put more distance between us and padded walls. It’s yet another lifesaver any serious SEO cannot live without.

Christopher Cemper

CEO, Link Research Tools

Squeeze more Juice out of Google’s Webmaster Tools

We all know how important links leading to our websites are. Who wouldn’t like to get more credit from search engines and be higher in their results? In this tutorial we reveal lots of hidden techniques concerning how to use 100% of Google Webmaster Tools.

The exact number of good and bad quality inbound links will never be a mystery to you again!

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Great idea and very interesting discovery.

Sam Wiltshire

Author, Kroll Ontrack

Expedia’s Visibility Crashes and Burns After Being Hit with a Google Penalty

A 25% drop in visibility almost overnight? We’re on it!

In this case study, picked up by such giants as Forbes itself, we examined Expedia’s entire story, down to the smallest details. What did Expedia do to deserve such punishment? How did Google finally nail them on their black hat techniques? See these and all your other questions answered in one of the deepest deep-dives ever!

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Great effort to show what actually happened! Looking forward to the results of further digging.

Magnus Strømnes Bøe

Red Performance

Payday Loans Niche Gets Its Comeuppance

Google had been watching the payday loans niche for a while before it struck fast and hard. It took us around 48 hours, but we analyzed every aspect of the situation and are proud to present our results!

Widely discussed and commented, what happened to payday loans is a fascinating case, to say the least.

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Bartosz demonstrated his expertise in doing a SEO link audit on CashLady’s penalized SEO strategies. I am thrilled by the dedication he continues to display in his case studies. 

Christopher Cemper

CEO, LinkResearchTools

Halifax Bank Proves Big Brands Not Immune to Google Penalties Anymore

Everyone was pretty surprised when it turned out that multi-million dollar corporations can catch Google penalties, too. Because this was such a groundbreaking event in the SEO world, we decided it was more than worthy of the time it took to compile all of the information possible and conduct a comprehensive case study into it.

We hope you find this case to be as interesting as we did!

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